28th September Maintenance

Patch Notes:

  • Interactions in dungeons are no more displayed in Chinese.
  • Fix of tutorial tips: the tutorial tips now don’t appear cut-off anymore.
  • Vanguard Arcane Art: edited the description of the Advanced Broken Array Scroll I, Blessing line I to better reflect its use (you need to be in Concentrate state not Indomitable Will state to have the knock back effect after charging).
  • Gunslinger Special Skill: Comet Strike now correctly indicates a cooldown of 30 seconds.
  • Several edits in the Road to Greatness interface in order to provide a more accurate information.
  • Fix the top panel interface: some items in the top panel were incorrectly labeled.
  • The facial expressions /Joy /Angry and /Down are now working.
  • Fixed the challenge interface of the Windswept Gauntlet.
  • Fixed various interface and localization issues.